Two Louisville Metro Police officers fatally shot a man on Sunday evening who was holding a screwdriver, according to body camera footage. In the footage released Tuesday, officers Devin Dawes and Matthew Aden can be seen shooting at the man, killing him at the scene. Both men have been with LMPD since 2015. Police responded around 7:45 p.m. Sunday to the 4600 block of Crawford Avenue, off Dixie Highway, where police said a man, 45-year-old Russell Bowman, was acting erratically. In the video, several officers were seen chasing Bowan who was pacing in front of a Pleasure Ridge Park home with a screwdriver in his right hand. Several officers pulled out their firearms asking him to drop the screwdriver. After telling Bowman to drop the screwdriver numerous times, several officers deployed their tasers. They didn’t work. “It ain’t working,” Bowman can be heard screaming in the video. Aden also told Bowman to put down the screwdriver. “Just drop it,” Aden yelled. “We don’t want to hurt you.” Bowman then lunged at Aden. Aden and Dawes shot him numerous times before he hit the ground. Other officers on scene then began rendering aid to him.